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The NCC-1701/8 was a Federation class F shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. The shuttle was assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s.

NCC-1701/8 had shields. It could hover as well as dive underwater.

Service history[]

Spock piloted shuttle NCC-1701/8 to the surface of the water world Tekkor to rescue the crew of the Galileo (II), which had been taken underwater by intelligent quadrapods to an undersea base. When Spock arrived in the general vicinity, Tekkorian sea-snakes attacked the squids. A gunner turret manned by Tekkorians aided the squids, but it was destroyed during the battle, and Spock rescued its two gunners. They explained that Galileo's crew did not have universal translators, mistook Tekkorian rescue activity as hostile, and intended to retaliate. Spock dove NCC-1701/8 underwater to facilitate communications and restore peace. Both shuttles successfully returned to the Enterprise. (TOS comic: "Under the Sea")

James T. Kirk, Spock and ten security officers departed the Enterprise aboard NCC-1701/8 to visit the surface of Beton III and investigate the source of a mysterious flying saucer. The crew located a large facility with two geodesic domes and a humanoid outside. He invited them to land, but once they agreed and began to descend, the Collector shot a cannon at them. The shuttle's helm was disabled, and it began to plummet toward the ground. Kirk nudged the shaken pilot aside and managed to divert the ship so it crashed into the top of one of the domes, wedged midway through the ceiling of a vast hangar. Before the shuttle could slip out and fall to the ground, the crew climbed out. The wreck was later destroyed by bombs. (TOS comic: "The Collector")


In one panel of "Under the Sea", artist Mike Noble added the name Galileo to its hull, possibly confusing it with the shuttle it was rescuing. Otherwise, no name was provided for the vessel.



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