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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released novel Die Standing. Caution is advised.

The NCIA-93 was a 23rd century Federation starship, an intel science destroyer in Section 31 service in the 2250s decade. Its commanding officer was Leland. (DSC novel: Die Standing)

Service history[]

Following the end of the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257 in 2257, the NCIA-93 served as Leland's ship, under the auspices of t the Starfleet intelligence division Section 31. In that year, the NCIA-93 travelled to the Thionoga Detention Center for Leland to observe the new agent Philippa Georgiou during her first mission. The mission was botched and the situation resolved by the intervention of Vice Admiral Katrina Cornwell of the USS Pacifica.

Following an alien attack on the USS Farragut at Tycho IV, Emony Dax used the shuttlecraft Leizu to hurry samples of the victims to Starbase. The Pacifica and NCIA-93 arrived the next day. Dax recognised the NCIA-93 as Leland's ship. (DSC novel: Die Standing)

After Section 31 agent Georgiou extracted Ash Tyler the child Tenavik Tyler had with Chancellor of the Klingon High Council L'Rell from Qo'noS, NCIA-93 was used to deliver the child to the Boreth monastery on Boreth. (DSC episode: "Point of Light")

Later that year, this ship assisted the USS Discovery from slipping into, and being destroyed by, the mycelial network, at behest of Agent Georgiou who coerced Leland to work with Captain Christopher Pike. Admiral Cornwell brokered an agreement between the two captains when they met aboard NCIA-93. Their joint goal was finding the fugitive Lieutenant Spock and solve the mystery of the red signals. (DSC episode: "Saints of Imperfection")

Leland requested Spock be delivered to Section when Michael Burnham found her brother on Vulcan. They took a shuttle to NCIA-93. Georgiou warned Burnham that the Bureau's intentions for Spock were far from benign, and later helped the siblings escape. (DSC episode: "Light and Shadows")

NCIA-93 caught up with the Discovery and the fugitives at Talos IV. A standoff between the vessels on who would take custody was quickly resolved so Spock could help with researching the red signals. (DSC episode: "If Memory Serves")

The two ships visited Essof IV for a joint mission to capture the Red Angel. Leland was taken over by the malicious artificial intelligence Control. Following an altercation between Georgiou and controlled-Leland, NCIA-93 warped out of the Essof star system before Discovery could intervene. (DSC episodes: "The Red Angel", "Perpetual Infinity")

During the Battle near Xahea, Leland commanded a controlled Section 31 fleet from the Nimrod-class battlecruiser NI-0064. All Section 31 ships in the fleet were destroyed. (DSC episodes: "Such Sweet Sorrow", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")

Alternate timelines[]

In an alternate timeline created by the Excalbians in 2411, the Discovery crashed on Essof IV. Its surviving crew were turned into shock troops by Control. Control abandoned the humanoid form of Leland and attacked a Khitomer Alliance away team on the surface. (STO - Season 19: Legacy mission: "Measure of Morality (Part 1)")

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