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NGC 162 in 2152.

NGC 162 (also NGC-162) was a star with an associated system in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. It appeared as an F class star and was visible from Sol in the Andromeda constellation. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

History and specifications

This star was the 162nd object in the New General Catalog of stellar phenomena. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

In the 2150s decade, this star lay far from the territory of the Tholian Assembly. (ENT episode: "Future Tense")

During the 22nd century, Kal Dano's timeship emerged here after traveling from Lirss Prime in the year 2677. Unfortunately, Kal Dano perished, and his timeship was left derelict. STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

The timeship was found by the United Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 in 2152. Captain Jonathan Archer had the mystery Earth vessel brought aboard. The Suliban Cabal arrived in a Suliban freighter and claimed Salvage Law.

Following altercations with the Suliban, and threatened by the Tholians, who also staked a claim, Enterprise travelled at high warp towards its rendezvous point NGC 162[1] with the DFC Tal'Kir. Tholian mesh-weavers attacked and disabled the Vulcan High Command ship Tal'Kir. The D'Kyr-class combat cruiser suffered heavy damage but no deaths among its crew.

Tholian Mesh Weaver-class ship.

Upon arrival, the Tholians disabled Enterprise's propulsions, and a battle ensured between the Cabal and Assembly ships. Charles Tucker III of the Enterprise successfully enabled the timeship's distress beacon, while Archer was forced to release the timeship from the shuttlebay. (ENT episode: "Future Tense")

At that moment, the Vorgon criminals, led by Commander Boratus and Ajur from the VSV Arbarel, emerged from the 27th century and fought with a 25th century Khitomer Alliance vessel under guidance from Temporal Agent Timot Danlen. The combatants stayed out of Enterprise's sensor range. Dano's timeship returned to its last programmed location, the year 2410. After destroying the Cabal ships, the Tholians warped out, closer to NGC 162, to confront the uptime agents. A three-way battle ensured, in which the Tholian vessels were annihilated, and the Alliance ship pursued the Arbarel to Earth in 2375. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

Enterprise remained to lend aid to the Vulcans, for medical support and repairs. (ENT episode: "Future Tense")



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