NGC 7332 is a red giant M class star with a relatively cool temperature. It is located on the fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant.

It is a real-world object visible in the Pegasus constellation.

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NGS 7332 was located on a direct course between Boqu II in the Boquian system and Galaxy M33 and had a diameter of 10,000,000 kilometers.

Prior to 2269, NGC 7332 was known to have been visited only once. It was studied by a long-range Federation mapping drone.

In 2269, the USS Enterprise entered the gravity well of NGC 7332 while towing a cosmozoan jawanda in order to discourage pursuit by several other jawanda. The continent-sized creatures avoided gravitational sources and lived in intergalactic space. A massive jawanda 650,000 kilometers wide turned back just before it could be caught in the star's gravity. (TAS - Log Eight novelization: The Eye of the Beholder)


  • The real-world object is actually a galaxy 67 million light-years from Sol in the Pegasus constellation.



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