The NV Salvation was a Na'kuhl starship, a Daemosh-class destroyer in General Vosk's faction service in the 26th century. (STO website: No Profit But The Name)


In the year 2408, the Salvation battled the Klingons. The engagement nearly cost Leader Tarnh's and executive officer Girra's lives.

During the Battle of Procyon V, the Salvation destroyed the formidable Nachthexen-class battlecruiser USS Defiant-C and was ordered to engage the USS Enterprise-J. Heavily damaged, the Salvation attempted to escape the battle, but arrived at Na'kuhl in the 31st century instead of one week after the battle. The Federation starship USS Janeway, under the command of the Na'kuhl Gubret, welcomed the Salvation home. (STO website: No Profit But The Name)

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