The NX-2000/05A was a Federation shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century. Of an unnamed class, it was assigned to the USS Excelsior on that starship's first mission, to recover the fugitive Rear Admiral James T. Kirk in 2285.

During that mission, the Excelsior, defending Starbase 13, was attacked and boarded by Terran Empire soldiers from the mirror universe. The mirror Captain James T. Kirk took the vessel as his prize after the ISS Enterprise was damaged beyond repair, and took Excelsior back to the mirror universe. Starfleet personnel, by Admiral Kirk's orders, disabled the mirror senior staff and took back Excelsior. After a widespread battle where Excelsior triumphed against the ISS Excelsior, Kirk ordered the mirror Kirk's command crew to be jettisoned aboard the shuttle NX-2000/05A, where they awoke several hours later. Since the battle had been the result of the mirror Kirk's failure to successfully gain the counterpart Excelsior, and had been worsened by Admiral Kirk's treachery, the Empire had ordered his death. When NX-2000/05A issued a distress call, the Imperial Starfleet vessel ISS Nogura responded, with Captain Simons ordering NX-2000/05A's destruction in order to claim the price on Kirk's head. The mirror Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Leonard McCoy, Saavik and Pavel Chekov were all apparently killed when this shuttle exploded. (TOS - The Mirror Universe Saga comic: "The Beginning of the End...")


USS Excelsior auxiliary craft
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