The NX-91001 was a Federation Starfleet Noble-class multi-role starship, outfitted for deep space exploration and equipped as an heavy cruiser, which was commissioned in 2409. (STO video game: Star Trek Online; STO website: Ships of the Line)

Systems[edit | edit source]

The NX-91001 was designed with the intent to extend Federation influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. It was one of the first multi-role Starfleet starship designs since the Sovereign-class decades prior. It was outfitted with advanced systems of the era including: An ablative tetraburnium alloy hull, regenerative shields, bioneural circuitry, and an advanced sensor pod which could be operated remotely from the bridge or directly. The sensor systems included telemetric observation VISOR technology, allowing a science officer to interface with data transmitted from a robotic exo-probe.

The ship was equipped with a class 10 warp drive, and hyper impulse drive. She has a quantum sublimating theta-matrix compositor, which recrystallised the ship's dilithium into more stable form than previously possible. Her cruising speed was warp 8, capable of a maximum speed of warp 9.985.

The ship was armed with an array of advanced weaponry, some classified technologies, including 16 type XIV phaser arrays and eight torpedo launchers (4 forward and 4 aft).

The NX-91001 has three shuttlebays, housing ten shuttlecraft and ten shuttlepods of various classes.

The ship was equipped with holographic technologies throughout, these included holographic consoles and astrometric labs, but was also equipped so that emergency medical and emergency command holograms could function throughout the ship.

The NX-91001 was 692 meters long, 253 meters across, and 92 meters tall. She weighed 3200000 metric tons. (STO website: Ships of the Line)

Appendices[edit | edit source]

The NX-91001 on the cover of The Needs of the Many

The specifications of the NX-91001 comprised an article on the Star Trek Online website's Ships of the Line feature. That feature has since been removed, but a copy of the information can be found at the article linked below. She later appeared on the cover of the Star Trek Online novel The Needs of the Many.

The ship class is not named in the article that originated her; however, she appears to be a member of Star Trek Online' Noble-class. Neither the Noble-class nor the depiction of the NX-91001 on the cover of The Needs of the Many feature the sensor pod shown and described in the earlier article. This might imply that during in the course of her service the pod was removed; or simply that the game designers introduced a discontinuity by revising the design.

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