A na'ran was a type of fruit, presumably native to Qo'noS.

Characteristics Edit

Among Klingons, the na'ran is well-known for its sweet taste. In the tlhIngan Hol language devised by Marc Okrand, there is no known word for "sweet-tasting", but a Klingon may instead express this by saying "na'ran rur." ("It resembles na'ran.") (tlhIngan Hol reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)

The na'ran fruit appears to have several similarities to the citrus fruits found on Earth. Klingons may refer to oranges as tera' na'ran, meaning "Terran na'ran". They may also refer to lemons as tera' na'ran wIb ("sour Terran na'ran"), and to grapefruits as tera' na'ran'a' ("greater Terran na'ran"). (tlhIngan Hol reference: Talk Now! Learn Klingon)

It's possible that Marc Okrand devised this fruit's name is a pun on "naranja", which is Spanish for orange.

Culinary use Edit

Many Humans enjoy drinking the juice of na'ran, which most Klingons would regard as odd. Klingons prefer to use it as a flavoring agent, for example in sauces. (tlhIngan Hol reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)

See also Edit

  • Ka'Tarlk - Another Klingon fruit which also resembles an orange.
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