A nadion-pulse cannon firebase serves as the remote generator and fire-control center of a nadion-pulse cannon. The technology was originally developed in 2366 as a potential defense against the Borg, but was deemed too costly and too complex for widespread deployment. Each firebase is capable of managing multiple cannons, and is typically staffed by forty-five personnel.

Beginning in 2372, Prime Minister Kinchawn of Tezwa made an agreement with Federation President Min Zife to allow the Federation to build nadion-pulse cannons as a possible trap for hostile Dominion forces in exchange for material aid. Six firebases around the globe spaced sixty degrees latitude apart each controlled six cannons for a total of thirty-six weapons on Tezwa.

The bases were located in:

Unknown to Zife or Kinchawn, Section 31 had intercepted the materials required to build the cannons and programmed backdoor codes into the computers. Activation of these backdoor systems would cause a catastrophic antimatter explosion that would cause significant collateral damage to the planet.

In 2379, Kinchawn almost sparked an interstellar war when he used those weapons against the Klingon, killing over 6,000 warriors. While the Klingons prepared to send another fleet and conquer Tezwa, President Zife ordered Picard to destroy the cannons at any cost. Commander William T. Riker devised plans for six tactical teams to infiltrate the bases and capture and destroy the guns. Each team was successful in their mission although Riker was captured in the process. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

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