The Nago was a Federation Starfleet shuttlecraft active in the mid-24th century.


In the 2360s decade, it was attached to the starship USS Okinawa.

In the year 2362, the Nago joined the Chatan and Naha as part of Benjamin Sisko's plan to stop the USS Assurance from crashing into the surface of Entelior IV after the starship was damaged in a Tzenkethi attack. Sisko's plan was for the Assurance to activate its tractor beam at its widest dispersal, which the shuttlecraft would be then be hooked to to pull the starship upward. Unfortunately, the Nago was destroyed after it collided with a warp nacelle that had detached from the Assurance before the three shuttlecraft could reach the tractor beam. The Nago had been piloted by Crewman Butterfield and Senior Petty Officer Lintosian'a, who both died in the explosion of the shuttlecraft. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

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