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Nalaing was the second planet in the Nalaing-Qo star system, located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, 100 light-years from the nearest Federation border and 18.3 ly from the Frattare 85 quasar. The planet was a center for interstellar commerce and maintained a starship repair facility in orbit. (TOS novel: The Shocks of Adversity)


The Nalaingers were allies of the Goeg Domain but under pressure from the Goeg to fight against the Taarpi insurrectionist movement. Nalaing was a safe haven for the Taarpi. The officially neutral Domain subject Cravalco and the Nalaing government reached out to one another in the weeks before a crisis in 2267.

In 2267, a Taarpi vessel was destroyed using Federation photon torpedoes which the Goeg Domain starvessel 814 commandeered while it was docked to the USS Enterprise. The docked vessels departed the system after they recovered three Taarpi members.

Days later, the 814 returned to Nalaing and detonated a stolen photon torpedo above the planet's atmosphere, threatening to denotate another one inside the atmosphere should the Nalaingers refuse to surrender all Taarpi and their supporters they harbored. The Enterprise warped in and put itself in the line of fire when the 814 fired at the planet, and a battle ensured. Following a mutiny on the 814, Commander Laspas refused to take any other genocidal action against the planet.

When Domain official Fallag, chargé d'affaires for the Goeg Domain arrived with a Domain Defense Corps flotilla to investigate the whereabouts of the 814, Commander Laspas declared the Domain's orders illegal and amoral and transmitted evidence of crimes authorized by the Domain leadership against Domain citizens, allies and the Federation. Afterwards, the 814 departed the system.

The grateful Nalaing government arranged a meeting between Enterprise's commanding officer, Captain James T. Kirk, and the Emissary of the Urpire Curia, Kikkizz. Kirk refused military support by the Federation but suggested subtler strategies to bring about a change in the ways of the Goeg Domain. (TOS novel: The Shocks of Adversity)