Nancy Crater

Nancy Crater (The Man Trap)

Nancy Crater was a human born on Earth around 2229, and would eventually marry archaeologist, Professor Robert Crater.

In 2254, Nancy met Leonard McCoy and the two began a relationship which lasted until 2256. During their relationship, Nancy gave McCoy the nickname of "Plum". Despite the end of their relationship, McCoy would still carry feelings for her for well over a decade.

By 2261, Nancy had married Professor Crater and the two had departed for planet M-113 on an archaeological expedition. Initially, the Craters' thought that they were the only inhabitants on the planet, but in 2264, Nancy encountered the M-113 creature and was killed for the salt in her body. (TOS episode: "The Man Trap")

In the novelization of this episode, entitled "The Unreal McCoy" by James Blish, Nancy was referred to as Nancy Bierce.


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