A nanite is a microscopic molecular machine, most often used to alter or manipulate the inside of living cells.

Nanites were responsible for the legendary healing properties of the Ilaiyen Archipelago. This nanotechnology had been given to the Ilaiyenai by extra-planetary explorers sometime prior to or during the 13th century. (TOS short story: "As Others See Us")

Sensors do not register nanites as being alive. (DS9 novel: Valhalla)

In 2366, Wesley Crusher experimented with nanites, causing them to evolve into sentience. After threatening the computer core of the USS Enterprise, these nanites were transported to planet Kavis Alpha IV to create their own civilization. (TNG episode: "Evolution")

In 2366, Beverly Crusher suggested using nanites as a weapon against the Borg. (TNG episode: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II")

In 2369, Julian Bashir found similarities between nanites and the artificial microbes that resurrected the Ennis and the Nol-Ennis on a moon in the Gamma Quadrant. (DS9 episode: "Battle Lines")

In that same year, Elias Vaughn and Ruriko Tenmei used trillions of nanites to find and unwrite the code of Cren Veruda's artificial intelligence, which the Borg had found at Uridi'si. (DS9 novel: Lesser Evil)

The Doctor aboard USS Voyager was able to use nanites as a forensic tool to identify Frank Darwin's murderer as Lon Suder. (VOY episode: "Meld")

In 2376, Simon Tarses used medical nanites to treat injuries that Ro Laren suffered after Taran'atar's attack. They were able to limit the genetronic matrix's activity at the molecular level and prevented accidental metastasization. (DS9 novel: Warpath)


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