Naomi Finney was a human female. She was married to Benjamin Finney and was the mother of Jamie Finney.

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Naomi married Ben Finney during his fourth year at Starfleet Academy. They moved into faculty quarters when he became a post-graduate instructor. The couple often socialized with James T. Kirk and his girlfriend Ruth. The night the Finneys announced Naomi’s pregnancy was the night Kirk and Ruth broke up.

Naomi gave birth to Jamie during Ben’s second year as a postgraduate instructor, either in 2252 or 2253. They remained in faculty quarters together for one more year, until Finney accepted his first post-graduate starship assignment aboard the USS Republic. (TOS novel: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk)

While serving on starships, Ben wrote letters to Jamie and Naomi, some of which mentioned how close Kirk had been to the family. (TOS episode: "Court Martial")

Naomi died several years prior to 2293. (TOS novel: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk)

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