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The Narr are an alien race.

History and specifics

In the year 2268, the Narr invaded the Klingon colony Signi Beta. The colony was defended by a joint Federation/Klingon task force led by Captain Kirk and Commander Kor, as part of the Organian Treaty. Analysis of the plants on the planet and the Narr ships confirmed that some of the plants were the result of hybrid breeding, which led to the realization that the Narr had claimed the planet centuries ago to use as a potential food source.

After a series of early conflicts, Kirk was able to strike a deal with the Narr where the Klingons would retain control of the colony in exchange for providing a set amount of food for the Narr from the Narr's previously planted crops. As Kirk observed, while the Narr would get food this way, the Klingons would retain the strategically important planet and also gain valuable information on the Narr's own colony worlds in the event of a future conflict between the two races. (TOS - Day of Honor novel: Treaty's Law)

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