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Narrator's Guide was a Decipher roleplaying game supplement for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game.


  • Introduction
  • The series concept
  • Establishing the series
  • Running the series
  • Building episodes
  • Narrating episodes
  • Coda rules
  • Starships operations
  • Rewards
  • Starships
  • Space
  • Aliens
  • Creatures
  • Hazards
  • Supporting cast
  • Index
  • Forms



Kathryn JanewayHarry KimKira NerysJames T. KirkGeordi La ForgeMartaLeonard McCoyJean-Luc PicardQuarkBenjamin SiskoSpockTuvokVonathWorf

Starships and vehicles[]

Cardassian starships[]

Galor-class warships

Federation starships[]

Constitution-class heavy cruisers 
USS ConstellationUSS ConstitutionUSS DefiantUSS EagleUSS EndeavourUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-AUSS EssexUSS ExcaliburUSS ExeterUSS FarragutUSS HoodUSS IntrepidUSS LexingtonUSS PotemkinUSS RepublicUSS Yorktown
Defiant-class escorts 
USS DefiantUSS Gallant • USS Sao Paulo/USS DefiantUSS Valiant
Galaxy-class explorers 
USS Enterprise-DUSS GalaxyUSS MagellanUSS OdysseyUSS VentureUSS Yamato
Herbert-class cargo carrier 
SS AvalonSS Point AnnSS Point CamiSS Point CarolSS Point JulieSS Stellar WaveSS Sugar IslanderSS Windjammer PollySS Windjammer Suzie
Intrepid-class cruisers 
USS BellerophonUSS BlackthorneUSS GallantUSS IntrepidUSS NelsonUSS VanguardUSS VoyagerUSS Zealous
Oberth-class science vessels 
USS BonestellUSS CochraneUSS CopernicusUSS GrissomUSS OberthUSS PegasusUSS RamanSS TsiolkovskySS Vico

Hirogen starships[]

Hunter-class fast attack ships

Klingon starships[]

D7 class battlecruisers
K't'inga-class battlecruisers
AmarKronos OneB'MothYa'Vang

Romulan starships[]

D'deridex-class warbirds


Canopus IVPalmyra IIRigel II

Races and cultures[]




  • Design: Mathew Colville, Kenneth Hite, Ross A. Isaacs, Don Mappin, Christian Moore & Owen Seyler
  • Development: Kenneth Hite, Ross A. Isaacs, Steven S. Long, Christian Moore & Owen Seyler
  • Line Developer: Ross A. Isaacs
  • Editing: Ross A. Isaacs
  • Creative Direction: Christian Moore & Owen Seyler
  • Product Development: Paramount Pictures, John Van Citters
  • Graphic Design: George Vasilakos
  • Cover Design: Michel Vrana & Dan Burns
  • Layout & Typesetting: Jeannie Glover & George Vasilakos
  • Art Direction: George Vasilakos
  • Starship Graphics: David Pipgras