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The Nasgul (singular: Nasgulian) were an alien civilization, humanoids native to a homeworld located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics[]

They were not very well known in the galaxy at large, due to their reclusiveness. They had a reputation for being intense, especially in their fanatic devotion to their religious leader, the Salla.


According to Domine Ravia, the Nasgul believed they were created by a being known as Iheiko. He then gave them a vessel to be held by one, the Salla. (TOS comic: "Mission: Muddled")

In the year 2287, the Federation starship USS Enterprise-A encountered a one-man Nasgulian vessel while en route to Casmus III. It was being piloted by Argus, who had preached against what he considered the Salla's insane holy vision, and was persecuted as a result. The Enterprise rescued Argus from a pursuing warship commanded by Kroitz of the Nasgul fleet, who proceeded to destroy his own ship by impacting the shields of the Enterprise. Shortly thereafter, the Salla himself arrived to sentence Argus and the Enterprise crew for their "crimes"; he killed Argus simply by speaking the word "death". (TOS comic: "The Return!")


The Nasgul were basically humanoids, with lanky, slender bodies and great variations in height. Yellow skinned, they had large eyes that were solid black, bony brows and exaggerated cheekbones and jawbones, and upturned noses situated just below their eyes.




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