The Nasgul fighter was the primary vessel of the Nasgul Space Command in the late 2280s. This style of starship is equipped with two top mounted and three bottom mounted Directed energy weapons, deflector shields and transporters.


Nasgul fighter bottom DC Comics

Kroitz fires on Argus in 2287.

In 2287 the USS Enterprise-A encountered a Nasgul fighter commanded by Kroitz who was tasked by the Salla to capture the rebellious Argus. Despite several attempts by Captain James T. Kirk, Kroitz would not respond diplomatically. When Kirk had the fighter disabled, Kroitz responded by ramming his ship into the Enterprise's shields, destroying the vessel and his crew in the process. (TOS comic: "The Return!")

Later that same year while in orbit over the planet Skellen III the Enterprise was hailed by a Nasgul fighter under command of Brigadier Menik of Nasgul Space Command. On board he carried the true Nasgul Salla, Watan and the Federation Ambassador Ajami who had come to arrest Vlagro who had seized the Salla position illegally. Menik's well defended and armed vessel was able to disable the Vlagro's Nasgul warship. (TOS comic: "Target: Mudd!")

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