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Nathan Archer was an American captain in the United Nations Peace Directorate on Earth during the Eugenics Wars (1992-1996). In 1994, he commanded Bravo Company on a mission in North Africa against the Augment Alliance, where he managed to negotiate with Stavos Keniclius to allow a school to be evacuated from a war zone.

He was the paternal grandfather of Henry Archer, one of the pioneers of the Warp five engine, and the paternal great-grandfather of Jonathan Archer, the noted United Earth Starfleet captain of the Enterprise (NX-01) and Federation President. (ENT - Strange New Worlds short story: "The Rules of War")

In 2153, Jonathan Archer used the story of his great-grandfather allowing the evacuation of the school to justify helping Xindi-Insectoid infants to Commander Charles Tucker III. (ENT episode: "Hatchery")

Jonathan Archer's great-grandfather was first mentioned, though not named, in the ENT episode: "Hatchery".
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