In the mirror universe, Nathan Thorpe was a male Terran in the 23rd century, and was the commanding officer of ISS Indomitable. He was executed by Doctor Sarah April when he failed a critical mission. (TOS short story: "Ill Winds")


Thorpe was married and had at least two children. Years before his death they died in an alleged shuttle accident; Thorpe, however, believed they had been intentionally killed.


In the 23rd century, Nathan Thorpe was part of Hoshi Sato II's personal security detail and thwarted an assassination attempt. The Empress expressed her gratitude by accelerating his promotion and awarding him with a Japanese katana.

Thorpe had an untainted record, never wavering in his service for the Terran Empire. According to this record, he was an exceptional officer, with almost limitless potential.

This changed when he failed to gather intelligence on a new Klingon weapon. The mission resulted in the loss of ISS Thermopylae and damage on the Indomitable. In response, Commodore Robert April was sent to punish him. Dr. Sarah April then killed him with the agonizer, noting that he was the first Human test subject. He was succeeded as captain of the Indomitable by his first officer Erin Stone. (TOS - Mirror Universe short story: "Ill Winds")

It is unknown whether or not Thorpe has a counterpart in the primary universe.


Preceded by:
Commanding officers of the Imperial Starship ISS Indomitable
Mid-23rd century
Succeeded by:
Erin Stone
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