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Native American or American Indian refer to the Human cultures indigenous to the North and South American continents on the planet Earth. The terms refer to cultural and racial groups and their descendants, some of which later left Earth while maintaining their cultures. They were called "Indians" by the first European explorers to visit the Americas, in the mistaken belief that they had sailed all the way around the globe to India, yet that label remained in common use for centuries to follow.

Approximately 45,000 years ago, a group of aliens who would later be known as the Sky Spirits visited Earth. While there they encountered a group of primitive humans, and were impressed enough to genetically alter this group of humans. Armed with a sense of curiosity and adventure, these humans spread out over both North and South America, and developed into numerous Native American tribes. (VOY episode: "Tattoo")

The alien being Quetzalcoatl also visited Earth, and interacted with a Native American tribe in what would later become Mexico. This tribe, the Aztecs, would come to worship Quetzalcoatl as a god following his departure. While Quetzalcoatl had originally preached a message of peace to the tribe, the Aztecs used Quetzalcoatl to justify sacrificing a large number of humans over the years. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

Another alien being known as Kukulkan visited Earth several times, and also interacted with the Aztec tribe. (TAS episode: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth")

Many European settlers in America considered the "Indians" a primitive people, an attitude which contributed to centuries of conflict. Spock used this historical precedent as an analogy for the need for Starfleet General Order Number One. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

Sometime prior to the 20th century, during this period on conflict, a number of Native Americans were transplanted from Earth to a distant planet by a race called the Preservers. (TOS episode: "The Paradise Syndrome")

In 2170, Katowa led a group of Native American colonists from Earth, in order to preserve their heritage. The group finally settled on Dorvan V in 2350. (TNG episode: "Journey's End")

By 2267, the American indian had achieved an almost mythological status in most people's minds. (TOS novel: The Romulan Way)

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