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Navaar was an Orion female who lived during the mid-22nd century. She was the older sister of D'Nesh and Maras.


Navaar, along with her sisters, were part of an elite lineage of Orion family, meaning that their pheromones were stronger then most Orion women. Using this trait, they managed to get in a very high position in the Orion Syndicate. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

In December 2154, the three sisters came up with a plan to capture Captain Jonathan Archer for his actions earlier that year at the Verex III slave market. They instructed their chief overseer Harrad-Sar, to contact Archer and offer Starfleet a magnesite mining deal. Harrad-Sar invited Archer aboard his vessel for negotiations, where he presented the sisters to Archer and his men, then gave them to him as a "gift" to celebrate the deal.

After a short time, the male crew of the Enterprise were exposed to the Orion women's potent pheromones, which put them into a state of aggression and delusion, as well as making them highly suggestible. Navaar seduced Archer, but he had the sisters arrested after the effects of their pheromones were discovered and a communicator was found in her quarters. Later, when the sisters escaped the brig and visited the bridge, Navaar persuaded Archer to arrest T'Pol instead, as she wasn't affected by Orion pheromones. But ultimately the plot was foiled by Commander Charles Tucker III who, like T'Pol, was unaffected by the pheromones. They were sent back to Harrad-Sar's disabled ship, and spent the next year trying to get home on impulse power, until another Orion ship picked up their distress call. (ENT episode: "Bound"; ENT novel: Tower of Babel)

In September 2162, Navaar contacted Dular Garos of the Raldul alignment, and proposed a cooperation to bring down the newly formed United Federation of Planets.

After their first attempt failed, Navaar started to look for new opportunities, and soon came into contact with Saurian dictator Maltuvis. In exchange for large quantities of Dilithium and Tritanium, Navaar provided him vith weapons and technology to conquer his world, in the hopes that if Maltuvis eventually causes interstellar problems, the neighbouring species will blame the Federation for bringing them the knowledge of space travel. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

Star Trek Magazine issue #32 had a joke love advice article entitled "Ask Navaar", purported to be written by Navaar, dealing with futuristic issues affecting romance, such as aliens duplicating or possessing one's lover. However, the image given was that of her sister, D'Nesh.

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