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This article is about the space phenomena. You may be looking for the Nebula-class or the starships.

USS Voyager approaching the Swallow Nebula.

A nebula is a large space cloud of gas and dust, theorized to be the raw material that stars and star systems originate from. They vary in size and composition and there properties can often be used to create a tactical advantage, though some can also damage starships and represent hazards to navigation.

Nebula classification[]

Nebula types[]

List of nebulae[]

Abyss NebulaAgrat-Mot NebulaAlawanir NebulaAmleth NebulaArachnid NebulaArgolis NebulaAzure NebulaBaber NebulaBarnes NebulaBassen RiftBetreka NebulaBorgolis NebulaBubble NebulaCat's Eye NebulaChamra VortexCoalsackCrab NebulaDark Matter NebulaDraavid Nebulae ClusterD'sir NebulaDumbbell NebulaEagle NebulaEta Carinae NebulaFGC 47Foster NebulaFriedlich NebulaGamma Erandi NebulaGreat BloomGullory NebulaGum NebulaHarry Kim NebulaHelaspont NebulaHobus NebulaHodges NebulaHolaren NebulaHorsehead NebulaHugora NebulaIonite Nebula RegionJenkata NebulaKamiat NebulaKeyhole NebulaLagoon NebulaLantar NebulaM2-9MacPherson NebulaMar OscuraMarrat NebulaMarayna's nebulaMcAllister C-5 NebulaMutara NebulaNekrit ExpanseNgame NebulaOmarion NebulaOrdek NebulaOrion ComplexOrion NebulaOrpisay NebulaPantera NebulaPathiad NebulataePaulson NebulaPearl NebulaRing NebulaRobinson NebulaRolor NebulaSatoki NebulaSuD'eng NebulaSwallow NebulaTibor NebulaTong Beak NebulaTrifid NebulaUshilev NebulaVara NebulaVarian NebulaVasilakis NebulaVeil NebulaVodrey NebulaVolterra NebulaWise NebulaYridia NebulaZ'Tarnis NebulaZuraf NebulaZurav Nebula



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