Neman is a Vorta serving the True Way under the Changeling Laas.

Neman is first encountered by the player at a Ketracel White facility in the Devos System, where he is being held by the Alpha Jem'Hadar. Neman informs the player that Laas is lying to his fellow Founders, having them ally with the True Way under the false pretense that the Dominion War is still ongoing and that the Great Link has been destroyed. Neman offers to escort the player to the New Link in order to absolve the misunderstanding, but requests in exchange that they help reveal Laas' treachery to the other Changelings without killing him. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "The Factory")

Neman travels with the player to the New Link in the Orias System, where the player successfully deals with Laas and convinces the New Link that the war is over. He informs the player that he intends to remain on the planet to serve the New Link. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "The New Link")

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