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Neptune Station was a Terran Empire space station, a K-class starbase with penal facility in Imperial Starfleet service in the 2360s decade. The station was located near the planet Neptune, in the Sol system, last holdout of the Empire. (TNG - Mirror Broken comic: "Issue 4")

Service historyEdit

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard seized the Empire's brand-new Galaxy-class starship, the ISS Enterprise-D, he had course set for Neptune Station to unload disloyal crew members. Teusta Fonn, who was an old acquaintance of Picard's and who ran the penal facility on Neptune Station, was delighted to take these officers and experiment on them. (TNG - Mirror Broken comic: "Issue 4")


Neptune Station was modified from a baseline K-class station, and featured severe-looking weapon emplacements on top of the domed saucer section. (TNG - Mirror Broken comic: "Issue 4")




  • Teusta Fonn, the Neptunian master of the penal facility, is based upon the likeness of the 8" Mego Neptunian, an original character action figure, that was included in the 1970s "Star Trek" toy line. The Neptunian never appeared in a live action episode.
  • Fonn's Gorn prison wardens were deliberately drawn in homage to the Mego Gorn of the 70s (which had used a brown Marvel "The Lizard" sculpt and Mego Klingon uniform, instead of resembling the green Gorn costume featured in Arena).


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