Neta Efheny was a female Cardassian intelligence agent in the 24th century. After she had completed her doctoral work in sociology, she was surgically altered to appear Tzenkethi and was assigned to an undercover mission within the Typhon Pact.

In her undercover role as Mayazan Ret Ata-E, she worked as a member of the maintenance staff within the Department of the Outside on planet Tzenketh. Neta had grown to admire the inhabitants of the world she was assigned to; making friends with one of the locals, Corazame. Indeed, she admired the strict regimenting of the social classes on the world and the fact that the lower work classes didn't seem to really have to engage in higher level thought and that their lives were managed for them by other societal forces.

While on her long term undercover mission, she discovered that there was a Starfleet Intelligence agent, Alex Gardner, posing as her supervisor, Hertome. While on recreation leave with other members of her workgroup, Neta was forced to run away with the Starfleet agent who wanted to go with her to her extraction point as his own means of escape had been compromised. Neta's friend, who had accompanied her on the recreation leave, saw the two of them leave in the middle of the night and followed the pair. Subsequent events saw Neta kill the Starfleet agent, remove her sub-dermal implant and give it to Corazame, who was transported away by the USS Aventine. Neta then allowed herself to be taken away by Tzenkethi authorities for reconditioning. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship)

Corazame recalled "Mayazan" in 2385. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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