A neural mediation implant, or neural mediator, was a device used by the Ministry of Reformation (and presumably other agencies) on planet Betrisius III as a means of behavioral control for the criminals in their society. The implant was surgically implanted in the subject's brain, near the junction with the spinal cord, which then received instructional and information broadcasts via a planetwide network. These broadcasts stimulated different areas of the reformant's brain, and regulated chemical reactions, intended to encourage new thought processes and rehabilitate the individual. In practice, the mediators could be used to assume full control of the reformant and her or her actions. The neural mediators were also equipped with a "fail-safe", whereby a microburst explosion could be detonated, severing brain from spinal cord and instantly killing a dangerous reformant.

A variant of this technology was also used by the government of the Lisqual province to train their military, as well as to facilitate battlefield communication and maneuvers.

Several crewmembers of the USS da Vinci, when visiting Betrisius in 2377, likened this technology to that used by the Borg. (CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

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