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This article is about a star system. You may be looking for Nevis, a Bajoran assigned to Deep Space 9.

The Nevis system was a binary star system located near Federation space within the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. It was the home system of the advanced Nevisian civilization.

History and specifics

The stars' unusual, near circular orbits provided stability to form a system with a gamut of planets, including two class M worlds, Distrel and Prastor.

Nevis was in the same sector as planet Mudd, within range of the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire, and had been visited by envoys from both empires as well as the Federation.

12,000 years ago, one species drove the exploring Nevisians back to the Nevis system, at which point they became reclusive, withdrawing their ambassadors and explorers. Instead of conquering the sector, they starting a millennia-long civil war.

In 2268, while trapped on planet Mudd, Harry Mudd learned about the ancient Nevisians' long distance transporter technology, and his professed interest in trying to stop the interplanetary war earned his release, albeit with a Stella Mudd android escort. Mudd actually succeeded in ending the war temporarily. Starfleet diverted the USS Enterprise to the system to investigate the sudden peace. (TOS novel: Mudd in Your Eye)

System makeup

Nevis system binary stars



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