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New Eden was an Earth colony on the planet Terralysium in Beta Quadrant. It was established in 2057 by humans. (DSC episode: "New Eden")


In 2053, during Earth's third World War, a group of soldiers and civilians took cover in a Presbyterian Church during a nuclear bomb attack near Richmond, Indiana. The church and the people inside were saved by a red angel-like entity and transported to the planet Terralysium in the Beta Quadrant. When the people woke up on Terralysium, they built New Eden and established a new religion that combined Earth's various religions. The people also believed Earth was destroyed during World War III. (DSC episode: "New Eden")

In the 2250s, the colony was discovered by the USS Discovery under Captain Christopher Pike during his investigation into a red burst. However, Pike chose not to violate the Prime Directive and inform the colonists about Earth's status. However, the Discovery was able to stop the radiation emanating from the planet's rings from wiping out the colony. Captain Pike, however, revealed himself to one of the colonists, Jacob in order to learn more about the "Red angel". (DSC episode: "New Eden")

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