New Khitomer was a planet located in the space of the Milky Way galaxy, inside an unspecified star system. A notable feature was the bridge-like Temporal Fleet Station megastrcuture encircling the planet, thousands of kilometers above the surface. (STO - "Future Proof" missions: "Time and Tide", "Temporal Reckoning")


In the year 2769, the New Khitomer structure was the site of the historic signing of the Temporal Accords treaty, which formalized time travel. It was signed by the Galactic Union and its allies. When the proceedings were interrupted by rogue Krenim Imperium forces from the 25th century and Na'kuhl protesters, a three-way battle was waged at the megastructure between the allied forces and the attackers. The battle ended after the destruction of the Na'kuhl fleet and when the Krenim temporal weapon ship KIV Annorax fled the scene after suffering a defeat at the hands of the 29th century Federation starship USS Pastak. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide")

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  • Khitomer, also site of an historic treaty and namsesake
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