New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics is a reference book published by Sequart Organization. The book contains essays about each of Star Trek’s illustrated, comic book, and comic strip incarnations. The foreword is written by David Gerrold.

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From the back cover: Star Trek comics have enjoyed almost continuous publication since 1967, spanning more than 1,000 issues. Quality has varied, from hilariously off the mark to wonderfully reverential. But from one era to the next, Star Trek comics have not only lived long, but prospered.

New Life and New Civilizations examines the long history of Star Trek in the four-color realm, featuring insightful essays from popular Trek comic scribes and novelists, as well as other experts.


  • Wand’ring in Star Flight: An Introduction, by Joseph F. Berenato
  • Gold Key: The First Frontier for Star Trek Comics, by Scott Tipton
  • From Casual Galactic Genocide to Self-Referential Canon: Gold Key’s Star Trek and the Evolution of a Franchise, by Julian Darius
  • “The Action ‘Comes Alive’ as You Read!!”: On Peter Pan RecordsStar Trek Stories, by Julian Darius
  • Inside the Lines and Outside the Box: Star Trek Storytelling for Young Minds (and tummies), by Kevin Dilmore
  • Star Trek, Feminism, and the First Three Years at DC Comics, by Ian Dawe
  • Capturing Lightning in a Four-Color Bottle: Bringing Comic Life to The Next Generation, by Robert Greenberger
  • How to Make a Star Trek Comic Book: Deep Space Nine at Malibu, by Tom Mason
  • These are the Manga Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, by Mark Martinez
  • Excalibur in Drawn: A Journey into Peter David’s New Frontier, by Martín A. Pérez
  • Same New Worlds: Reimagining Classic Star Trek Adventures for a New Generation, by Joseph F. Berenato
  • To Boldly Cross Over: Transporting the Enterprise to Other Comic-Universes, by David A. McIntee
  • Appendix: The Unpublished and Rejected Star Trek Comics, by Rich Handley
  • About the Contributors


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