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New Visions, Volume 8 is the eighth and final omnibus collection of stories from the New Visions series published by IDW Publishing. The series was written by John Byrne and depicted using photo illustrations based on still footage from Star Trek: The Original Series episodes.


Presenting all-new tales set in the Star Trek: The Original Series universe, done in a unique photomontage style, using images from the classic TV series.
First, "The Enemy of My Enemy" ... is not my friend. But when Kirk and Kor find themselves forced to work together against a common foe, does it mean a productive alliance, or a chance for deadly betrayal? Then, Kirk and his crew venture into the past, only to discover it is nothing like their history books teach—no trace of the devastation of World War III and the Eugenics Wars. What can have caused such a divergence? The answer is to be found in "An Unexpected Yesterday". Also included a reinterpretation and adaptation of the TV episode "The Cage".



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