Star Trek: New Visions is an ongoing comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is written by John Byrne, and instead of featuring original art, it is illustrated by photomontages — still footage from Star Trek: The Original Series episodes with enhanced visual effects added.


  1. "The Mirror, Cracked"
  2. New Visions, Issue 2: "Time's Echo" and "Sweet Sorrow"
  3. New Visions, Issue 3: "Cry Vengeance" and "Robot"
  4. New Visions, Issue 4: "Made Out of Mudd" and "The Great Tribble Hunt"
  5. New Visions, Issue 5: "A Scent of Ghosts" and "Memorium"
  6. "Resistance"
  7. "1971/4860.2"
  8. "The Survival Equation"
  9. "The Hollow Man"
  10. "Mister Chekov"
  11. New Visions, Issue 11: "Of Woman Born" and "I Sing of Arms and Heroes"
  12. "Swarm"
  13. "The Hidden Face"
  14. "Sam"
  15. New Visions, Issue 15: "The Traveler" and "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot..."
  16. New Visions, Issue 16: "Time Out of Joint", "Home", and "Those Who Play With Cats..."
  17. "All the Ages Frozen"
  18. New Visions, Issue 18: "What Pain it is to Drown" and "R.H.I.P."
  19. "The Hunger" (sollicited December 2017)
  20. "Isolation" (sollicited February 2018)

Unnumbered Story: "Strange New Worlds" (IDW 2013 Star Trek Annual)

Additional Story: "Eye of the Beholder" (Star Trek New Visions Volume 2)

Unnumbered Story: "More of the Serpent Than the Dove" (Humble Bundle Release Issue)

Unnumbered Story "The Cage" (New Visions Special)

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