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Newton was a male Human Starfleet officer serving in the 24th century.

By the 2360s, Newton had risen to the rank of captain and was serving as commanding officer of the USS Anduril, succeeding Ann Portikos. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Core Games Book)

By the late 2380s, Newton was in command of the Olympic-class medical frigate, USS Galen. In 2387, the Galen and two of her sister ships were dispatched to assist in the evacuation of Romulus from the approaching Hobus supernova. However, the ships arrived too late to be of assistance and instead ran into the mining freighter, Narada, commanded by Nero. Newton contacted Nero and offered any medical assistance that they could provide, which was readily accepted. Unfortunately, this was a ruse by Nero to get the Galen to lower her shields so that the Narada could beam aboard explosive devices which destroyed all three ships and killed all aboard, including Newton. (ST comic: "Countdown, Number Three")

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