Nezrene [The Emerald] was a female Tholian serving aboard the Lanz't Tholis as a weapons officer in the 2260s. She came from the warrior caste and was one of several tactical specialists amongst the crew.

In 2266, the Lanz't Tholis was lured to Jinoteur IV by the Shedai Wanderer who captured its crew. Nezrene was one of 24 Tholians who survived enslavement in amplifying the First Conduit with their telepathy. She was bound to a node within the Shedai communications and transportation artifact and forced into complicity.

Nezrene was liberated from the Conduit by the Shedai Apostate, Vanessa Theriault and Tim Pennington, and assumed command of the Lanz't Tholis. She successfully repelled a Klingon Defense Force starship, allowing Theriault's ship, the USS Sagittarius, to escape the Jinoteur system, before returning to Tholia. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

Later that year, Nezrene requested asylum aboard starbase Vanguard, and assisted Lieutenant Ming Xiong and the rest of his team in uncovering the secrets of the Shedai's technology. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

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