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A Ngultor in 2254

The Ngultor were an insectoid species from distant sector of space. All Ngultor technology was entirely organic and the species has an almost religious devotion to the flesh being entirely dismissive of artificial technologies.


Ngultor were significantly taller than the average humanoid. They were bipedal, and has four arms, each with a tri-clawed hand. They featured a green exoskeleton, with numerous spiky protrusions at various points. Their chests features rows of circular orifices, from some of which various tendril-like appendages were attached, which linked to other parts of the Ngultor's body and to spherical body-part with a toothy maw, which the Ngultor would hold in one of its hands. Their faces featured six eyes and four mandibles.

The Ngultor actively sought out nest worlds of other species to harvest their flesh and integrate it into themselves and their ships.


A Ngultor ship towing the Enterprise

Ngultor technology was entirely organic, they considered artificial technologies dead. They operated at least three types of starships, the large Ngultor motherships, smaller Ngultor ships which operated as support vessels to the mothership, and harvester craft, which the Ngultor sent to targeted nest worlds to harvest biological material.

When attacking another ship the Ngultor typically used a virus, which would sap the target's energy systems preventing the crew resisting or escaping.


Captain Pike in Ngultor captivity

In 2254, in a freak warp accident, a Ngultor mothership found its way into a region in or near Federation space. Lost far from home the Ngultor sent out their smaller ships to harvest flesh to repair their ship for the journey home. However, they found a region rich in life and while collecting flesh began to research the locations of the nest-worlds of the many species they encountered.

The Ngultor left behind numerous ships, devoid of crew. With no clues as to what happened, Starfleet sent the USS Enterprise into the effected region to act as bait. The plan was a success and one of the scavenging ships soon attacked the Enterprise. With such a large ship and so many lifeforms to harvest the Ngultor opted to tow the Enterprise back to the mothership to harvest rather than do it themselves, but they did abduct the starships master program; Captain Christopher Pike, to probe his mind and find out more about potential harvest in the region.

Unfortunately for the Ngultor their plan backfired. Pike used the Ngultor's mind link to discover their plans and upon being rescued by a landing party from the Enterprise promptly destroyed the Ngultor mothership rather than let it escape back to Ngultor space and report on its findings. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")