A Ngultor ship with the USS Enterprise in tow

A Ngultor ship was a type of support craft of a Ngultor mothership. Although despite being the smaller counterpart to motherships, Ngultor ships were still several times larger than a Constitution-class starship. Like all Ngultor technology Ngultor ships were entirely organic.

Ngultor ships had a symmetrical design, with an armoured protrusion along the center of the dorsal of the ship, and two spinney ridges, one to either side of the protrusion. The fore of the ships featured a design very similar to the Ngultor's own face, with eight eye-like bumps. The underside of the ship featured a dense tangle of tentacles, which could be used to ensnare a targeted vessel. The interior of the ship could organically reconfigure itself, and was compared by Number One to being inside a giant stomach.

In 2254, after a Ngultor mothership become lost in a region in or near Federation space; Ngultor ships were dispatched to harvest flesh from nearby starships to repair the mothership. The Ngultor left behind a fleet of Marie Celestes, ships devoid of crew, and subsequently the USS Enterprise was sent to investigate, and was quickly prayed upon by a Ngultor ship itself.

The Ngultor incapacitated the Enterprise with a virus and towed it back to the mothership to deliver the considerable quantity of biological matter. While inside the ship, the Ngultor probed the mind of the nearest thing they could find to the Enterprise's master program; Captain Christopher Pike, to try and learn more about possible locations for harvest in the area. A landing party from the Enterprise travelled along the tentacles holding the ship to get inside the Ngultor vessel and rescue Pike. Once freed the group attempted to find their way back, but got lost, eventually coming face to face with the Ngultor, who, after divulging their diabolical plans, threatened to attack - fortunately at that moment the landing party was beamed back to the Enterprise, the transporter systems having been cured of the virus. Unwilling to let the Ngultor harvest the population of the Federation, Captain Pike had Enterprise cut free with the newly restored phasers and then ordered the destruction of both the Ngultor vessels. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

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