For the primary universe counterpart, see Ni'Var.

In the mirror universe, the Ni'Var was a Vulcan Suurok-class combat cruiser/science vessel starship in service to the Terran Empire in the mid-22nd century. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)


In February 2155, the fugitive Imperial Starfleet officer T'Pol delivered the 23rd century Federation Class F shuttlecraft McCool to the anti-Terran rebels to join them. Rebel leader T'Pau accepted the gift and posted T'Pol on the Ni'Var.

In September, the rebel leaders conducted a rare conference in the wardroom of the Ni'Var. The Ni'Var met with an Orion marauder and the Tellarite Phinda-class frigate Moedigesnuit. The McCool was presented to the generals to convince them that the fight against the Empire's powerful Constitution-class starship USS Defiant was not for naught.

When the Empress of the Terran Empire, Hoshi Sato, underwent trial on Aldus Prime, T'Pau made T'Pol commanding officer of the Ni'Var. When a Terran assault fleet arived and engaged the joint Vulcan, Orion and Tellarite rebel forces, the Ni'Var raced back to Aldus Prime to free the empress. T'Pol struck a deal with Sato I, and the Vulcans abandoned the rebellion, which dissolved soon after. All Vulcan ships pledged loyalty to the empress, and some joined the forces defending planet Earth. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)



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