Nicholas Locarno (also known as Vector) was a male Human who was a Starfleet cadet who trained at Starfleet Academy in the 2360s and was later a gridstalker operating at the edge of Federation territory.

In 2368, Locarno was leader of the Academy's Nova Squadron flight team. With the commencement of the Academy approaching, Locarno convinced his team members (Wesley Crusher, Sito Jaxa, Jean Hajar, and Joshua Albert) to perform the illegal Kolvoord Starburst maneuver to impress the visiting dignitaries at the commencement ceremonies.

While on a training run near Saturn the team practiced the starburst, however there was an accident resulting in the loss of all five training craft and the death of Cadet Albert. Realising that all of their careers were at stake, Locarno and the other perpetrated a cover-up of the maneuver when the official inquiry was held. However, the truth was discovered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard who demanded that either Cadet Crusher told the truth about the accident or he would. Wesley decided to tell the truth and Locarno was expelled from the Academy, while the others were severely reprimanded. (TNG episode: "The First Duty", TNG novel: The Best and the Brightest)

In 2380, Locarno met up with the privateers of the Celtic in order to help them find a Starfleet vessel that had gone missing so that the privateers could take its technology. This first involved a confrontation with the USS Norfolk, which allowed him to gather information about the missing vessel and then Locarno shut down the Norfolk. Once the Celtic arrived at the Korso Spanse, Locarno identified the vessel there as the USS Reston which had been lost at the Battle of Sector 001 where it was taken by the Borg. Despite this warning, Captain Evan Walsh still ordered a boarding party over to the Reston, which Locarno joined. Once aboard Locarno attempted to reactivate the ship's computer core but was unsuccessful and the Celtic was destroyed soon after. Later, Locarno helped determine that the away team had been sent to the Reston to be turned into Borg and then allowed himself to be assimilated along with other members of the crew. (ST novella: Revenant)

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