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The Beta XII-A entity (or (*)) searches for a source of hate to feed off of, and finds the Solanco, a civilian freighter traveling from Earth to Terok Nor. But the freighter's Captain is in fact a Cardassian undercover operative, sent to retrieve a Founder who has discovered the codes to the Federation's self-replicating mines guarding the wormhole.

While on course for Terok Nor, their disdain for each other catches up with them, and they end up hallucinating and killing each other before they make it back to the station. As (*) feeds off of their hatred, he pays little attention to their course which has led them into a spatial anomaly. Without the Captain's piloting, the ship is engulfed by the anomaly and destroyed, killing all aboard - including (*).



(*)Vraath ch'EvramJeremy GleasonZonek KarleEvelyn McDougalMethrasVirak'iklanunnamed Deltans
Referenced only 
James T. Kirk


Alpha QuadrantEarthHunyadi RiftSol system
Referenced only 
83 Leonis B VAzure PeaksBajoran systemBajoran wormholeBetazedDeep Space 9Enkidu PrimeGamma QuadrantOhop systemOmarion NebulaTerok NorVictoria FallsVulcan's Forge

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Bellingham (Saber-class) • Solanco
Referenced only 

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Cardassian UnionDominionFoundersObsidian OrderStarfleet
Referenced only 
FederationKlingon Empire

Science and technology[]

artificial gravitydisruptor pistollife supportproximity sensorsensortermination implanttransporter

Ranks and titles[]

captainFirstfirst officerSecondThird

Other references[]

Battle of the Omarion NebulaDominion WarFederation detention campKar'takinketracel-whitelight yearparsecTaspar eggtribble


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