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After rescuing a crippled alien medical ship being chased by a tyrannical empire, Harry Kim is offered the position of captain onboard the ship. Meanwhile, on Voyager, Icheb believes Torres is attracted to him.


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Lydia AndersonBrellChakotayDaylaThe DoctorGeralIchebKathryn JanewayHarry KimLokenMendezNeelixSusan NicolettiTom ParisSeven of NineTerekB'Elanna TorresTuvok

Starships and vehicles

Delta Flyer II (Flyer-class) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • NightingaleAnnari warship

Starship classes

Annari warship

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Annari EmpireStarfleet


The Adventures of Captain Protonantimatter injectorasteroid fieldblockadecloaking devicecortical stimulantdeflector pulsedeuterium injectordilithiumdriver coilendorphineggplant parmesangeologyguidance vectorguide starlasagnamicro-fracturenavigational sensornebulanutritional supplementphase compensatorphaser bankplomeek souppolaron matrixrace carrock climbingsaxophonescanning pulseshield polaritysocial lessonthermal regulatortula cheese soufflévaccinezeolitic ore



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