Niklon was a male humanoid native to a paradise planet. He was the brother of the Traveler.

Niklon ran the robot production plants on his world, but came to believe that his people did not want him around because his diminutive stature reminded them of their own frailties. Embittered, he secretly altered the robots so that he could take control of them and use them to conquer the planet. In 2265, the Traveler, accompanied by James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy, returned home and learned what his brother had done. They traveled to the City of the Thousand Lights and tried to enter the government seat, but were captured by robot guards and imprisoned. They escaped from their cell and confronted Niklon, who attacked them with a giant robot under his control. The Traveler used his staff to melt the robot, which also destroyed the controls for all the robots on the planet. Driven insane by his defeat, Niklon was turned over to the people for justice. (TOS comic: "Dark Traveler")

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