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The Nimrod class[3] was a 23rd century Federation starship, initially a stealth mothership[3] in Starfleet's covert ops organization Section 31 service in the 2250s decade. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow")

The class returned to Starfleet service in the 2410s decade as a tier 6 command heavy battlecruiser, combining capabilities of intel starships, command ships, and heavy battlecruisers. (STO - Legacy mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", STO website: Command the Section 31 Battlecruiser)

History and specifications[]

Technical specifications[]

In the 2250s decade, capital Section 31 stealth ships shared a design lineage that was based on the smaller intel science destroyer. Apart from a size difference, the S31 ship classes shared the design for warp nacelles, nacelle pylons, bridge module and deflector dish.

Additionally, four capital ships shared the same arrowhead-shaped saucer section with a characteristic negative space between bridge and bow. The hull material was typically black. (DSC Issue 32: "Section 31 Hou-Yi-class")

The standard configuration of the Nimrod class consisted of a saucer section placed directly atop a tall, narrow secondary hull. At its aft end, the pylons connected the secondary hull to a the pair of warp nacelles on either side of the ship. The bussard collectors and warp plasma in the nacelles were of the same shade of blue. Windows along the saucer's edge and secondary hull were also blue, while the bridge windows were purple, and the bridge dome white.

Rear-facing red impulse engines were attached to the saucer section and nacelle pylons. The shuttlebay was located at the aft end of the secondary hull, with the nacelle pylon acting as an extended roof.

The Nimrod-class starship's overall length was 872 meters (DSC Issue 28: "Section 31 Nimrod-class")

The orientation of the nacelles, lying flat atop the pylons, matched that of the smaller intel science destroyer.

The ship's widest points were either side of the saucer, measuring 402 meters from port to starboard. The total height of the Nimrod was 165.5 meters. A variant of the design that lacked the lower nacelles was 108 meters tall. (DSC Issue 32: "Section 31 Hou-Yi-class")

When the Nimrod entered a cloak-like stealth mode called "dark mode", the pylons and nacelles folded inward, making the ship taller. In dark mode, light sources were also eliminated. (STO website: Command the Section 31 Battlecruiser)

A key tactical advantage was the ability to deploy scores of Section 31 drone swarms that normally filled the skeletal saucer section wings on either side of the central spine. They were unpiloted craft armed with phasers. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")

In its 25th century configuration, the command heavy battlecruiser was armed with four forward-facing covert phaser dual heavy cannons and a single prototype photon torpedo launcher. Aft facing weapons consisted of a pair of covert phaser turrets and another prototype-photon torpedo-launcher. The "forged turncoat" emitter was a weapon that launched a swarm of nanites at opponents, which confused the enemy's friend-or-foe identification sensors. (STO website: Command the Section 31 Battlecruiser)

Like any ship of the 2410s, warp factor 9.9+ was the default cruising speed. Maximum speed exceeded that thanks to onboard transwarp and quantum slipstream drives. (STO - Legacy mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Service history and disposition[]

In the 2250s decade, the secretive Federation intelligence branch Section 31 operated a fleet that included Nimrod-class motherships. They could deploy Section 31 drone ships in a swarm. One of the ships in service at the time was the NI-0064. (DSC Issue 28: "Section 31 Nimrod-class")

In the year 2257, the artificial intelligence Control assimilated Captain Leland and assumed command over the entire Section 31 fleet.

At the Battle near Xahea in 2258[6], Control's fleet engaged the USS Discovery and USS Enterprise in combat in a bid to seize the Sphere data. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow")

The NI-0064 in 2257.

The NI-0064 was one of the Nimrod-class motherships joining the battle with its swarm ships. (DSC Issue 28: "Section 31 Nimrod-class")

Control, in the body of Leland, was temporarily defeated and its fleet destroyed. The Discovery was guided by the Red Angel through a rift into the 32nd century. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")

In 2410, the double agent Lieutenant Michelle Rautert secretly investigated Yard 39, and recovered a 23rd century Section 31 intel science destroyer, the USS Samedi. (STO - Rise of Discovery short story: "Triple Cross")

The recovery of Yard 39 in the TL-9139 system by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers led to the revival of 2250s-era starship classes. (STO Issue 01: "USS Gagarin")

With the launch of the USS Nimrod in at some point after stardate 84999.22 in January 2411,[7] the Nimrod-class entered service as a publically known Starfleet command heavy battlecruiser. (STO website: Command the Section 31 Battlecruiser)

Known ships[]



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Unnamed crescent-shaped starship

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