Lieutenant junior grade Nina Popov was a Russian female human Starfleet officer and doctor in the 2280s. She was also a cousin to Pavel Chekov.


When she was a little girl, she spent much of her time reading books. When she was a little, her older cousin Pavel would babysit her. She then studied for a medical degree, and then attended Starfleet Academy.

In 2289, Popov was assigned to the USS Enterprise-A as part of her internship. She then accompanied her cousin Pavel to Kirk's Starfleet academy reunion. During her time aboard the Enterprise-A, Popov and Sulu dated each other and had dinner together. However, Chekov kept a annoying close eye on Popov. She was then part of the landing party to search for survivors on Metaga V. Popov and Sulu then found Leeta and took her aboard the Enterprise. Popov kept an eye on Leeta. She was able call Dr. McCoy when Leeta went into cardiac arrest. (TOS comics: "Class Reunion", "Secrets", "Truth or Treachery")



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