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Doctor Nina Popov, M.D., was a 23rd century Human woman. Popov was the cousin of Pavel Chekov. (TOS comic: "Class Reunion")


Early life

Nina Popov was born in the mid-23rd century. As a child, Popov was often babysat by her older cousin, Pavel Chekov. Chekov often believed that she spent too much of her time reading books and studying, rather than experiencing life and romance. As she grew older, Popov's tendency to focus on the academic proved to grow stronger as she worked toward gaining a medical degree as well as enrolling and progressing to a Starfleet career as she began attending Starfleet Academy. Her decision to join Starfleet may have been party inspired by Chekov's stories of his adventures aboard the USS Enterprise and his friendships with Hikaru Sulu and Nyota Uhura. (TOS comic: "Class Reunion")

Starfleet career

USS Enterprise

By the late 2280s decade, Popov had graduated from the Academy and was serving as a medical officer and had risen to the rank of lieutenant junior grade. In early 2289, Popov successfully applied for a six-month internship under Doctor Leonard McCoy aboard the USS Enterprise-A. Popov boarded the Enterprise when the starship returned to Earth after transporting Ambassador Berg from Arbutus VIII. After settling in aboard the Enterprise and becoming reaquainted with her cousin, she accompanied him to the annual Starfleet reunion. (TOS comic: "Class Reunion".

During her time aboard the Enterprise-A, Popov and Sulu dated each other and had dinner together. However, Chekov kept a annoying close eye on Popov. She was then part of the landing party to search for survivors on Metaga V. Popov and Sulu then found Leeta and took her aboard the Enterprise. Popov kept an eye on Leeta. She was able call Dr. McCoy when Leeta went into cardiac arrest. (TOS comics: "Secrets", "Truth or Treachery")




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