Nirak was the name of a male Vulcan who lived in his homeworld's distant past when its surface was consumed with war and the violence of emotion running rampant. He was present amongst a core group of philosophers that formed around a young Vulcan by the name of Surak who desired to change his peoples violent ways. This circle of individuals consisted of Surak himself, his rival Jarok, Nirak and T'mor. During their discussion, Surak claimed that emotion was the cause of their peoples destructive ways and that the only way to prevent it from controlling Vulcans was the adoption of logic as well as suppressing those traits. A debate followed amongst the four with Nirak arguing that emotions was surely as important as logic itself in terms of life. Jarok, however, disagreed with Surak's views and later went to forge his own path whilst Nirak became one of Surak's students; some claim him to be his greatest disciple.

Whilst he followed Surak, Nirak somewhat disagreed with his mentors strict views on the intolerance of emotion though neither did he believe Jarok's revelling of emotions was the perfect path either. Instead, he sought to merge the two qualities and instead formed his own school of philosophy that centered around the merging of both logic and emotion. Nirak taught to his own disciples that it was acceptable to feel certain emotions such as joy but the more destructive ones such as grief and anger were to be abandoned. Whilst many accepted the philosophy of Tu-Surak, Nirak had a small following as well on Vulcan at the time.

According to legend, Surak was once publically executed by the warlord Sudoc but was restored to life by Nirak who performed the Fal-tor-pan ritual to reunite his katra with his body. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

The fate of Nirak remains largely unknown and is not stated in the LUG sources.
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