Niral Ekron was a male Cardassian who served as a glinn in the Cardassian Central Command in the early 24th century.


Ekron was born to a poor family and spent much of his early life living in a small hovel in Arinak, Cardassia Prime. From an early age, Ekron developed a fascination with studying ancient relics, but unfortunately many on Cardassia had been pillaged to pay for the Cardassian Union's expansion. In order to follow his passion and travel offworld, Ekron joined the military, which also meant that his poor family would be well cared for by the state.

By the year 2328, Ekron was serving aboard the survey vessel CDS Sontok as operations officer and first officer, under the command of Gul Monor. As a first officer he was fiercely loyal to his commanding officer and would often punish those officers who showed any disrespect towards him. On one occasion, Ekron contacted the Sontok and had Crewman Darnay beamed back to the ship and placed under arrest for claiming that Monor was full of hot air (although Ekron secretly agreed with those sentiments).

In 2328, the Sontok was assigned to survey Raknal V. Upon entering orbit of the planet, Ekron reported that the planet would be suitable for colonization and that it was rich in zenite deposits. When deeper sensor scans revealed the presence of a crashed ship on the surface, Ekron requested to lead the landing squadron. After investigation, Ekron and his team had discovered that it was an ancient Klingon relic that was surrounded by skeletons. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)



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