For the astronomical body, see: Nix

Nix was a male Ferengi wooly slug herder and Sleekback racing beetle breeder.

As a young man, Nix was one of the most successful wooly slug herders on Ferenginar, until his herd was endangered by the appearance of a snailosaurus on the plains of Splort. Nix offered the hand of his daughter, Duwain, to any slugboy who could defeat the snailosaurus. The only person to accept this challenge was a man known only as "the Slugboy With No Name", who then swindled Nix out of a thousand wooly slug hides, seventy seamstresses, seventy high-speed sewing machines, three tons of slug steaks, and several gallons of Eau d'Snail perfume.

Nix's business was saved when the snailosaurus choked on the thigh bone of a burly slugboy, though the experience had a long lasting effect on him, and he eventually left Splort to pursue his passion for beetle racing. Before long, he owned a stable of the fastest beetles on Ferenginar. Nix passed his love of racing beetles to his daughter, who also had a great love for beetlejockeys. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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