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Throughout the galaxy, an ancient network of interstellar portals has been reactivated, instantly linking distant planets and civilizations. Back home in the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet can devote all its considerable resources to coping with the Gateways crisis, but in the Delta Quadrant, there is only the starship Voyager
Just as Voyager enters an unusually hazardous region of space, the ship and its crew are confronted with a flood of lost and disoriented starships from all over the galaxy. Accidentally transported incredible distances by the unpredictable Gateways, the diverse alien castaways regard each other and Voyager with hostility and suspicion. Captain Kathryn Janeway suddenly finds herself struggling to hold together an extremely fractious fleet of dislocated alien vessels even as the newly awakened Gateways hold open the prospect of finally bringing her own ship home!



AkelmAra (Nenlar)Sinimar ArkathiAzanLyssa CampbellChakotayThe DoctorElliaFluffy/BarkleyHarrisIchebKathryn JanewayKella (V'enah)KelmarLelMarishaMezotiNeelixOne Who Braves StrangersOne Who Is LeaderOne Who Is SecondOne Who Masters TechnologyTom ParisOphar, daughter of WillarRebiSeven of NineSookTalykTarnaTorarTuvokNaomi Wildman
Referenced only
Reginald BarclayCrayMark JohnsonMollySaavdraSeamusSpockTymuLeonardo da VinciWillar, son of Tymu


Alungis IVAlungis star systemDelta QuadrantNo Man's Land (region)Sector 48472
Referenced only
Alpha QuadrantBeta QuadrantEarth (Fair HavenIndianaNew Zealand) • Qo'noSRisaTarakisTaurus Ceti IV

Starships and vehicles

Delta Flyer (Flyer-class) • Eru (Kuluuk vessel) • Nivvika (Iudka vessel) • Relka (Todanian vessel) • HHV Rhev (Hirogen warship) • Umul (Salamar vessel) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
Referenced only
USS Equinox (Nova-class)

Races and cultures

AmmuniiBorgHirogenHumanIudkaIyalKuluukLamorianNenlarOnes Who Will Not Be NamedSalamarSpecies 775TalaxianTllihuhTodanianV'enahVulcanYumiri
Referenced only
CardassianSpecies 8472Willani

States and organizations

Magla KarnMaquisStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Klingon Empire

Ranks and titles

alphaambassadorbetacaptaincommanderdoctorensignFirst Commanderfirst officerleaderlieutenantma'ammisterSecond Commander

Science and technology

alienassimilationblack holedehydrationdimensionflagshipgalaxyholodeckhyperspaceIconian portalpaddprobered giantreplicatorsalvespacestarstar chartstarshiptelepathytransportertricorderturboliftuniversal translator

Foods and drinks

carmor soupcoffeechocolate chip cookiehamIudka winemilkolifirpastaSaurian brandysugarSwiss on ryeteatesticleVulcan spice teawineyruss-and-broccoli

Other references

amoebaartasteroid beltastrometricscadmium redcaninecarmorcarnivoreclass McolonistdogDominion Wardress uniformfroggamehumanoidijikIrish settermother-of-pearlpaintingplanetPrime DirectiveR-and-Rsectorslaverystardateterrorismthalo bluetimkawarWorld War I




Star Trek: Gateways
One Small StepChainmailDoors Into ChaosDemons of Air and DarknessNo Man's LandCold WarsWhat Lay Beyond ("One Giant Leap" • "Exodus" • "Horn and Ivory" • "In the Queue" • "Death After Life" • "The Other Side") • Here There Be Monsters


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