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No Time Like the Past was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1978. It was the 17th of 22 stories drawn by Alden McWilliams and the 8th of 10 stories written by George Kashdan.

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Captain Kirk sees ancient history — being unmade!


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A deposed dictator escapes and travels back in time via the Guardian of Forever. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy must alter history so that Hannibal is defeated by the Romans.



Guardian of ForeverHannibalJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluTrengurNyota Uhura
Referenced only 
Adolph HitlerGeorge Washington

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise (NCC-2101)automobiletrainrocket spacecraft


Earth (AlpsRome) • Gateway
Referenced only 
Earth (AmericaCarthageNew York) • Oorego IVTerra Minor

Races and culturesEdit

Human (AmericanBritishCarthaginianRomanTeuton) • Vulcan

States and organizationsEdit

EarthfleetFederationStarfleetStarfleet Academy

Science and technologyEdit

alternate timelineantimatter bombatmosphereBubonic Plaguecommunicatorcomputer bankdrughistorical tapehyposprayphaserprime universesickbayspace-time continuumtimetime traveltime warptransporter

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218 BC21st centuryAmerican Revolutionarmorarmyelephanthistoryhorseinsane asylumlogicMilitary ScienceoutpostrefugeeshieldskiingStarfleet uniformsstudentswordVulcan nerve pinchyear





  • The Earthfleet Enterprise appeared structurally and functionally identical to its Starfleet analog.
  • Only alternate timeline versions of Hikaru Sulu and Nyota Uhura appeared in this story and were briefly seen. Montgomery Scotts appeared from both the prime universe and the alternate timeline.
  • The Guardian was depicted about three times larger than it had been in its canon appearance, with the portal appearing nearly 20 feet tall.
  • Spock lied to Scott about Kirk’s condition to avoid arrest and having to remain in the alternate universe.

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