At the edge of the final frontier.


Cardassian agents covertly return to Bajor to retrieve an ancient artifact hidden when the occupation came to an end. When touched, the artifact emits waves of temporal distortion, creating disturbances across the Federation and alerting the artifact's creators, an ancient race eager to reclaim what was once their most feared weapon.



Julius CaesarBenjamin SiskoKira NerysMiles O'BrienQuarkJake SiskoJulian BashirJadzia DaxHikaru SuluDukatKeiko O'BrienRomPelekTartekMalbretBenjamin MaxwellWill KaydenKhan Noonien SinghCurzon DaxZekMornSebarr


unnamed Cardassiansunnamed USS Rutledge personnelunnamed Deep Space 9 personnelunnamed USS Defiant (NX-74205) personnel


BajorDeep Space 9
Referenced only 
CardassiaGaulSan FranciscoTroyWolf 359


Cardassian shuttlecraftDanube-classUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • Galor-classKarg starshiprunaboutUSS Rutledge (New Orleans-class) • USS Saratoga (Miranda-class)

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Cardassian GuardCardassian UnionKarg EmpireKlingon EmpireObsidian OrderRoman Empire

Ranks and titles

captainchiefcommanderdictatrixEmissary of the ProphetsgeneralGrand Nagusgullieutenantlieutenant commandersupreme commandervedek

Weapons and technology

cloaking devicedeflector shieldCardassian disruptorDNAdrill driverplasma generatorphasershieldssonic drilltemporal disruptortransporterwarp drive

Other references

agrobiologychronitondollardoughnutEugenics WarsFederation-Cardassian Warhellhyronalynjumja stickMarsmoonnorepOccupation of BajorpergiumplasmaradiationSaturnsculpturetemporal distortiontimeuridiumvole



Includes alternate timelines.
Ancient Rome
Julius Caesar declares himself dictator of the Roman Empire, as witnessed by timeshifted Bashir.
27 October, 1995 
Khan declares victory over the civilized world, as witnessed by timeshifted Sisko.
Late-23rd or early-24th century
Captain Hikaru Sulu becomes the lover of timeshifted Keiko Ishikawa-O'Brien.
Miles O'Brien is timeshifted and finds himself a commander in the first Cardassian War under the command of Captain Ben Maxwell.
During the Cardassian withdrawal, miners discover the temporal device. They seal the mine intending to recover it later.
The O'Briens visit a camp on Bajor near the abandoned mine. Gul Tartek's team lands nearby.

Background information

  • This story did not explicitly state a time frame for the primary, unaltered chain of events, however, it seems to have taken place in 2371, sometime after Sisko was promoted to captain in "The Adversary", but before the arrival of Worf on the station in "The Way of the Warrior".
  • The artist depicted two of Bajor's moons in some panels but it wasn't specified which of Bajor's multiple moons these were.

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